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What was the identified solution? Cooperation between different cross-border regions in the following ways:- joint judicial analysis of cross border obstacles- bi-annual workshops with all partners involved- password-protected area on the website for the exchange of information, documents, and for discussion- joint lobbying activities (joint publications, meetings at ministries etc).
How was the solution identified? As a result of an INTERREG project.
Who was/were the main actor/s responsible for its identification? The project partners of the initial project TaskForceNet:

Regio Aachen e.V.;Provincie Limburg, Maastricht (NL);Provincie Limburg, Hasselt (B);

German Speaking Community Belgium (B);

Province Liège (B);

Cooperation partners within Grenznetz (resulting from the project TaskForceNet):Euregio Maas Rhein;

EUREGIO;Oberrheinkonferenz;Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig;Saarlolux

How was the solution implemented? By whom? The initial project (TaskForceNet) was an INTERREG project that started in 2006, and ended in 2009. The BIC exchange platform Grenznetz was established as a result of this project, which has no end date.  The Grenznetz network relies on the willingness of each partner to cover its own costs. The meetings are held in rotating order at each of the partners’ premises, with the hosting partner bearing the costs of the respective meeting. The network was set up as a result of the INTERREG IV A project TaskForceNet, but is not EU-funded itself.
How long did it take for the solution to be implemented? Not applicable: since the legal systems keep on changing, the need for action stays.
Did it have a positive impact on the overall level of CBC in the area? Both in a direct way (all involved institutions intensified their cross-border cooperation) and in an indirect way (through offering better information, cross-border mobility was supported and more citizens made use of cross-border possibilities). Cooperation between BICs helps to make them more efficient and effective. This results in a more dynamic CBC in each of the partner regions.
Institution EUREGIO
Contact details Marieke Maes+49 2562 702-54  m.maes@euregio.de  Postfach 116448572 Gronau
Year of record 2012