From this page you can download various documents on Cross-Border Cooperation.

Council of Europe – Good Governance

The Good Governance Division contributes to the implementation of the intergovernmental co-operation activities as well as of the assistance and cooperation programmes with member States in the field of democratic governance. The Division participates in the promotion of standards aiming at assuring democratic governance and in the dissemination of best practice in the field. The work is to ensure the material, operational and legal Secretariat of four complementary pillars.

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Manual on removing obstacles to Cross-Border Cooperation

The starting point of the EDEN database, this manual offers a comprehensive theoretical approach to Cross-Border Cooperation together with practical examples of best practices. Updated to October 2014:

Download the manual – PDF format


City-to-City Diplomacy Toolkit

The Toolkit on City Diplomacy (C2C) is a powerful tool aiming at improving international co-operation between cities to promote local democracy, economic development, trade, culture, and education. It could inspire, facilitate, and increase the funding chances of further city diplomacy. The Toolkit helps to:

  • Inspire local authorities to improve their decentralised international co-operation;
  • Prepare the ground and help cities access funding for implementation of more ambitious co-operation projects
  • Ultimately, the Toolkit contributes to the overall objective of the Council of Europe to bring the people of Europe closer together.

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SWOT 1 – Analysis and Planning for Cross-Border Co-operation in Central European Countries

This report offers a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) on CBC regarding Central European countries:

Download SWOT 1 – PDF format


SWOT 2 – Analysis and Planning for Cross-Border Co-operation in Norther Europe

This report offers a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) on CBC regarding countries from the North of Europe:

Download SWOT 2 – PDF format


SWOT 3 – Cross-Border Co-operation in Europe: a Comprehensive Overview

This report offers a general frame on CBC in Europe:

Download SWOT 3 – PDF format