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What was the core OBSTACLE in undertaking the activity? Regional Border Information Centres (BIC´s) (also knows as citizens advisory centres) have limited capabilities concerning back office responsibilities (following developments in tax, pension, law,…systems at both sides of the border and analyzing to which extent these developments influence cross-border mobility and can be targeted) and limited (regional) lobbying powers (towards national and European bodies). Although there is information available concerning judicial and legal problems regarding the cross-border labour market at border information centres, there are problems with sharing this information and updating changes
Which were the main CAUSES of the OBSTACLE? Border information centres suffer from a lack of a well defined position within the national systems regarding the transfer of information to the public and companies. As a consequence, financial support from national governments generally is limited. Even with the growing interest in cross border cooperation and in enhancing the cross-border labour market (fostering the European integration process), advisory services are constrained by finances.
Which were the main EFFECTS of the OBSTACLE? Without up-to-date information at BICs concerning living and working requirements in the neighbouring countries there is the possiblity that incorrect information is provided which could result in problems regarding the cross border labour market. This lack of updated information on National and European labour regulations in the border regions results in a diminished desire for employees and employers to engage in the cross border labour market.
Please, describe briefly the factor(s) which mostly (3-4) aggravated the persistence of the Obstacle Different national legal systems and the increased complexity of national regulations aggravate working and doing business in a cross-border environment. This increases the need for specific information regarding the cross border labour market.
Institution EUREGIO
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Year of Record 2012