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Area of CBC activity Crisis and Disaster/Emergency Management
Sector of CBC activity Emergency response
Please, briefly describe the CBC activity you wanted to pursue In 2010, the Kursk Oblast faced a complex fire situation due to abnormally high temperatures and drought which resulted in an increased number of fires in the forest peat-bog of the Oblast.  In this situation, in accordance with the Regulations and a plan for fire control, the General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency of the Ukraine in the Sumy Oblast formed an interservice team ready to be sent to the territory of Kursk region in case of emergency. The interservice team was created by combining firefighters from the Kursk fire departments and the Sumy Oblast of the Ukraine, and consists of 50 personnel and 14 vehicles.
Border areas (states involved) Kursk Oblast  (Russia)

Sumy Oblast (Ukraine)

Institution CBC activity implemented by the Russian Federation
Contact details
year of record 2012