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What was the identified solution? After the bankruptcy of a Slovenian company in a town on the Croatian border, that employed a significant number of Croatian cross-border workers (migrating daily for work from Croatia), which consequently became unemployed. A problem was identified as, according to the Convention on Social Security between Slovenia and Croatia, that these workers had not been sufficiently provided for unemployment benefits in either country.
To find a solution for those workers we have contacted the responsible Croatian ministry and organized a meeting between high officials of both countries. After this meeting we have continued to work to find a solution for those workers through e-mail contacts. As no satisfactory  solution was found, a decision was made to begin negotiations to conclude an Agreement between the two countries regarding insurance for cross-border employees and unemployment benefits, that should begin soon.
How was the solution identified? Contacts can be established through official channels, but also, when needed, through unofficial means directly to the responsible officials at the ministries responsible.
Who was/were the main actor/s responsible for its identification? Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia

Responsible bodies of the neighboring countries

How was the solution implemented? By whom?
How long did it take for the solution to be implemented?
Did it have a positive impact on the overall level of CBC in the area?
Institution Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia

Responsible Croatian Ministries

Contact details Andrej Čokert, Secretary

Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy (GOSP)

Dunajska c. 58 SI-1001Ljubljana Slovenia

Tel: +386 1 320 16 21Fax: +386 1 320 16 33

Mail to:andrej.cokert@gov.si

Year of record 2012