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What was the identified solution?

• Since the founding of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation the cooperation has gradually developed and broadened its scope from the protection of the Wadden Sea to include the management of the coastal zone (especially in Denmark)

• A focus on cooperation between world heritage areas in all three countries

• Personal knowledge and mutual trust between government officials can create an environment beneficial to cross-border cooperation.

• In a non-legally binding cooperation, respect for the others’ point of view is necessary.

• A skilled and professional ‘nexus’ (e.g. a Secretariat) can prove useful to maintain a strong cooperation.

How was the solution identified?
Who was/were the main actor/s responsible for its identification?
How was the solution implemented? By whom?
How long did it take for the solution to be implemented?
Did it have a positive impact on the overall level of CBC in the area?
Institution Ministry of the Interior and Health
Contact details Jesper Lorenz Gradert, Head of Section,

Ministry of the Interior and Health,

phone: +45 7228 2524,

e-mail: jlg@im.dk

Year of record 2012