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What was the core OBSTACLE in undertaking the activity? Despite several agreements between Ukraine and Poland designed to address cross border barriers there is still an overall lack of sustained cross border cooperation aimed at removing these barriers. Furthermore the responsible authorities have noted a lack of a common objective for joint solutions of cross-border problems.
Which were the main CAUSES of the OBSTACLE? It has been noted that there are several problems concerning the lack of both proper administrative structures and the skills to improve cross-border cooperation. Initiatives between Poland and Ukraine are limited to individual agreements rather than at a broader level. For example the Polish-Ukrainian Cross-Border Cooperation Strategy for  2007-2015 has been adopted but its objectives are realized through separate measures on both sides of the border.
There is no single authority to coordinate cross-border activity and cross border activities are of a spontaneous nature..
Furthermore there is a lack of proper legislation for enabling an efficient CBC activity. In Ukraine the process of administrative and territorial reformation is still pending or even restrained. It is impossible to achieve the aims of cross-border cooperation without such a reform.
Which were the main EFFECTS of the OBSTACLE? Lack of a systemic approach on CBC between Ukraine and Poland. Said cooperation is more focused on a occasional (ad-hoc) nature which limits its scope.
Please, describe briefly the factor(s) which mostly (3-4) aggravated the persistence of the Obstacle
Institution Institute of Regional Research of the NAS of Ukraine
Contact details Prof. Nadiya Mikula,
PhD in economics, head of Market Infrastructure and Cross-Border Cooperation Department in the Institute of Regional Research of the NAS of Ukraine
+380503702648, +380322707145
Kozelnytska Str 4, app. 213, Lviv, Ukraine
Year of record 2012