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Area of CBC activity Environment
Sector of CBC activity Environmental management
Please, briefly describe the CBC activity you wanted to pursue An important area of cooperation between the Kaliningrad Oblast and bordering regions of neighboring countries is environmental protection. This is primarily due to the presence of transboundary water bodies such as the Curonian and Kaliningrad (Vistula) Lagoons, the Neman River, the Lava (Lyna) River, the Angrapa River, Lake Vyshtynetskoye, in addition to significant frontier forests  such as the Red Forest, etc.
To alleviate the problem within the framework of cross-border cooperation under the Programme “Lithuania-Poland-Russia”, project proposals were prepared and submitted for the construction of treatment facilities in the cities of the Kaliningrad Oblast – Neman, Slavsk and Mamonovo.
Border areas (states involved) Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia)



Institution CBC activity implemented by the Russian Federation
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Year of record 2012