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Area of CBC activity Health care
Sector of CBC activity Emergency care
Please, briefly describe the CBC activity you wanted to pursue Emergency medical aid is provided to citizens of the Ukraine under the agreements on provision of medical aid to the citizens of the member-states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (27 March 1997), on medical insurance of the citizens of the Russian Federation temporarily staying on the territory of the Ukraine and the citizens of the Ukraine temporarily staying on the territory of the Russian Federation (28 October 1999).
Emergency medical care in case of sudden acute conditions and life threatening diseases, accidents, intoxications, injuries, child-birth and exigent conditions during pregnancy are delivered unimpeded to the citizens of the Ukraine without cost by health care facilities irrespective of legal organizational form, subordination and form of ownership.  Once the life threatening situation has passed patients are transfered for further medical care on a paid basis.  Non emergency medical care for patients temporarily staying in the country is provided on a paid basis with mutual payments based on contractual prices or current price-lists.
Border areas (states involved) Krasnodar Krai, Bryansk Oblast, Belgorod Oblast,

Voronezh Oblast, Kursk Oblast, Rostov Oblas tRussia,


Institution CBC activity implemented by the Russian Federation
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Year of record 2012