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Area of CBC activity Labour market
Sector of CBC activity Institutional framework
Please, briefly describe the CBC activity you wanted to pursue After 25 May 2006, Slovenia stopped applying the principle of reciprocity with regards to the free movement of workers. EU legislation has been applied and now the the citizens of Austria, Hungary and Italy and their family members do not require work permits for employment in Slovenia.Employment of nationals of Austria, Hungary and Italy in Slovenia:

For the purpose of keeping statistics for the labour market, nationals of Austria, Hungary and Italy and their family members must be registered with the Employment Service of Slovenia when concluding an employment contract. The employer is responsible for their registration which must happen within 10 days after work commencement.

Employment of Slovenian nationals in Austria, Hungary and Italy:

Austria is applying the transitional arrangements for the free movement of workers and Slovenian nationals have to obtain a work permit for employment in Austria.  Since 1 May 2004, The EU-10 Member States, including Hungary, have applied the free movement of workers among themselves where Slovenian nationals do not require work permits for employment in member countries. The Italian labour market is open for employment of Slovenian nationals and Slovenian nationals do not need work permits for employment in Italy.

Employment and work of Croatian nationals in Slovenia:

Croatian nationals are employed in Slovenia in accordance with the Employment and Work of Aliens Act and ensuing regulations. Each year, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopts a Decree designating a work permit quota for aliens in the labour market. Croatian nationals may be employed in Slovenia on the condition that they are in possession of a work permit and that the person has been properly registered. The work permit is a document where a domestic or foreign employer enters into a contract of employment or performs other work with an alien worker. It is issued as a personal permit for employment.

Border areas (states involved) Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary
Institution Employment Service of Slovenia”Employment and Work of Aliens Act”
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