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What was the core OBSTACLE in undertaking the activity? Obstacles in “EGTC” – European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation:

  • Legal framework which contains several legal loopholes;
  • Vagueness in the wording of regulations may create confusion as to their meaning;
  • Private law entities are excluded in principle – Private law entities cannot become EGTC members;
  • Adopted national provisions and legal frameworks are different in each Member State.
Which were the main CAUSES of the OBSTACLE?
Which were the main EFFECTS of the OBSTACLE?
Please, describe briefly the factor(s) which mostly (3-4) aggravated the persistence of the Obstacle
Institution The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation,The European ParliamentSlovak Republic
Contact details Ms. Eva Chmelová,

Director Organisational Department Public Administration,

Section Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic

Phone: +421 2 4859 2150,

mail to:  eva.chmelova@mvsr.vs.sk

Year of record 2012