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Area of CBC activity Education and training
Sector of CBC activity Cross-border institutions
Please, briefly describe the CBC activity you wanted to pursue Learning the languages of neighboring  countries in border regions:

  • The Slovene education system offers the possibility to learn the languages of neighboring countries in all border areas;
  • In both the  Slovene-Italian and Slovene-Hungarian border regions the teaching of the neighboring countries language is a required subject for all students from pre-school education through elementary and upper secondary schooling.

This is based on national school legislation and bilateral agreements with neighboring countries.

Border areas (states involved) Slovenia, Italia, Hungary
Institution Republic of Slovenia, National school legislation, Bilateral agreements
Contact details Andrej Čokert, SecretaryGovernment Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy (GOSP)

Dunajska c. 58 SI-1001

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Tel: +386 1 320 16 21

Fax: +386 1 320 16 33

Mail to:andrej.cokert@gov.si

Year of record 2012