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What was the core OBSTACLE in undertaking the activity? The main obstacles for successful joint project development:

  • Al lack of knowledge and understanding due to differences in languages, culture, working methods, institutional organization and division of power, national legislations  etc.;
  • Different needs and priorities on both sides;
  • Different financial situations on both sides, different currencies (especially in IPA programs);
  • Lack of sustainable links between the relevant partners on both sides of the border with sufficient administrative capacity;
  • Financing: long delays of payments, complicated procedures to obtain reimbursement.
Which were the main CAUSES of the OBSTACLE?
Which were the main EFFECTS of the OBSTACLE?
Please, describe briefly the factor(s) which mostly (3-4) aggravated the persistence of the Obstacle
Institution ETC program, Republic of Slovenia
Contact details Andrej Čokert, Secretary, Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy(GOSP)Dunajska c. 58 SI-1001

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Tel: +386 1 320 16 21 Fax: +386 1 320 16 33

Mail to:andrej.cokert@gov.si

Year of record 2012