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Area of CBC activity Environment
Sector of CBC activity Protection of natural heritage/Environmental management
Please, briefly describe the CBC activity you wanted to pursue The activities of Slovenia in the Bureau as well as other bodies and working groups of the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea, are based on the obligation to implement the Mediterranean Strategy of Sustainable Development (MSSD), adopted at the 14th meeting of the contracting parties held in 2005 in Portorož, Slovenia. The Slovenian 2006–2007 presidency over the Barcelona Convention and the UNEP Mediterranean Action plan was special highlighted by the initial adoption of the Mediterranean Strategy on Sustainable Development (MSSD) and final adoption of the regional Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management. The implementation of the MSSD in the region is a common goal of the Barcelona Convention, UNEP/MAP and the European Commission, as well as of other regional initiatives and programmes.

The Barcelona Convention implemented ecosystem approach and defined integrated costal management in the Mediterranean region. Slovenia took over the two-year presidency of the Barcelona Convention with a strong desire to strengthen and promote cooperation between Mediterranean Process in the European Union and the Mediterranean Action Plan. During its presidency of the Barcelona Convention, Slovenia also managed to coordinate the adoption of the regional Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), which has been adopted in January 2008 in Madrid. This is the seventh Protocol completing the set of legal instruments of the Barcelona Convention. It is a pioneering Protocol constituting an added value for the Barcelona Convention and the Mediterranean Action Plan, and thereby integrated coastal zone management is for the first time fully addressed by a legally-binding international instrument. It is almost needless to stress that integrated costal zone management and ecosystem approach is one of the main topics for Slovenia in the Adriatic sub region, as well.

Border areas (states involved) Slovenia, Mediterranean region, Adriatic sub region
Institution Republic of Slovenia
Contact details Andrej Čokert, SecretaryGovernment Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy (GOSP)Dunajska c. 58 SI-1001Ljubljana Slovenia

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