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Area of CBC activity Environment
Sector of CBC activity Protection of natural heritageEnvironmental management
Please, briefly describe the CBC activity you wanted to pursue The Sava River Basin Agreement was the first international agreement the region following the regions political crisis in the last decade of the 20th century.Slovenia is very proactively in the International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC) with the vision to strengthen trans-boundary cooperation for sustainable development of the region, including the entire water resources management, namely:

  • issues of sustainability (protection/improvement of water quality, water quantity and aquatic ecosystem);
  • protocols for responding to water based emergencies (due to floods, ice, droughts, and accidents);
  • development of water resources (i.e. navigation, hydropower, water supply, irrigation, recreation and tourism, and other kinds of water use).

The preparation of the River basin management plan, the Strategy of the ISRBC and the implementation of projects within the Danube strategy in the Sava River basin is a priority for Slovenia.

Border areas (states involved) Slovenia  Sava River
Institution Republic of Slovenia

International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC)

Contact details Andrej Čokert, Secretary

Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy (GOSP)

Dunajska c. 58 SI-1001

Ljubljana Slovenia

Tel: +386 1 320 16 21

Fax: +386 1 320 16 33

Mail to:andrej.cokert@gov.si

Year of record 2012