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What was the core OBSTACLE in undertaking the activity? To work in Slovenia, Croatian citizens require work permits to gain access to the labour market. Normally, a work permit is issued following an application submitted by an employer. The basic condition for the authorization of the permit is the dependent on the availability of qualified Slovenian candidates.  However, according to the new Employment and Work of Aliens Act, whose adoption is projected for April 2011, cross-border migrant workers from Croatia will be able to submit an application for a personal work permit valid for three years with fewer requirements.. This type of permit will allow migrant workers free access to the Slovenian labour market. Under these new rules a personal work permit can be obtained if a Croatian cross-border worker has been employed in Slovenia for the last 20 months and has been registered in the social insurance scheme.
Which were the main CAUSES of the OBSTACLE?
Which were the main EFFECTS of the OBSTACLE?
Please, describe briefly the factor(s) which mostly (3-4) aggravated the persistence of the Obstacle
Institution Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Croatia
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