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Area of CBC activity Mobility and (public) transport
Sector of CBC activity Border-crossing infrastructures
Please, briefly describe the CBC activity you wanted to pursue “Building Ipoly-Bridge between Pöstényposzta – Peťov” (within “CBC Program Hungary – Slovak Republic 2007-2013”)One of the features of the Hungarian-Slovakian border region is that major part of the border is formed by rivers. This, together with the hilly character of the Eastern side of the area, significantly limits accessibility and cross-border transport. These factors further exacerbates the situation of small towns in this region.

An example of cooperation for establishing better border crossing infrastructure is the project implemented by Hungarian National Infastructure Developing Company together with project partner Self-Governing Region of Banská Bystrica.

Ipoly/Ipeľ represents one of the two most important border rivers that stretches alongside a major length of the Eastern part of the Slovak – Hungary border. The construction of a cross border bridge has impacted a wide range of cross border initiatives, starting with the identity preservation based on minority languages, improving relationships with the mother-country, widening earlier relationships (in the fields of culture, education, sport), collaborations between local-governments, collaborations in the local labour market by constructing new shared touristic routes, establishing economical contacts (in the fields of agriculture, forest industry, small-scale industry) and the expansion of commercial provisions.

Border areas (states involved) Peťov – Slovakia, Pöstényposzta – Hungary
Institution Hungarian National Infastructure Developing Company

Self-Governing Region of Banská Bystrica

Contact details Ms. Eva Chmelová, DirectorOrganisational Department Public Administration Section

Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic

Phone: +421 2 4859 2150,

mail to:  eva.chmelova@mvsr.vs.sk

Year of record 2012